• Purpose in Practice: We are an advisory firm guiding organisations to make social value creation central to their culture, strategy and impact.

  • We help our clients do good, better

    We support complex organisations to align their assets and inspire their people to do good, better. We help them define their purpose and put it into practice, creating sustainable value for both their organisation and their community.

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GoodWolf is: partners-only, framework-free, multi-sectoral, values-driven. We dedicate 10% of firm time to pro bono work.

So you get: principled, seasoned advice, enlivened with fresh perspectives and tailored especially for you.

Simon Lewis
Finance whizz, philanthropy and foundations expert, mountaineer, Rhodes Scholar, jazz pianist – Simon is a strategy and finance guy with heart.

My clients are feeding their good wolves. They seek out my experience combining innovative models of ownership, control, and capital to help them create commercial and social value. That they often ask me back comes down to my zeal for GoodWolf’s values and our framework-free approach: we invest in really listening, asking the right questions, and designing answers in genuine partnership.

I focus on four pillars – strong Boards, sharp strategy, motivated teams, and fit-for-purpose financial architecture – and lining them up true.

I draw on an international career in finance, corporate mergers and acquisitions, strategy consulting, philanthropy, and family office services; most recently I was an executive at the Myer Family Company. I am an experienced Director, currently serving as Reichstein Foundation Board Trustee, Director of PARK Social Soccer Company, and Chair of the Australian International Donors Network, which encourages more and better philanthropy and impact investing abroad.

  • Senior Executive MBA (Melbourne Business School)
  • MA Politics, Philosophy, Economics (Oxford University; Zimbabwe Rhodes Scholar)
  • BBusSci Actuarial (Cape Town University)
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“GoodWolf don’t work from a standard script. They are committed to getting a detailed understanding of organisational context; they truly become embedded; and they offer insightful, nuanced advice. Their work for us was extremely complex, but delivered excellent outcomes and win/win solutions.”

Professor Ken Smith,
Dean and CEO The Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG)

Our work with ANZSOG demonstrated the enormous power organisations can unleash when they fully align organisation-wide strategic metrics, financial architecture, and agile teams.


“The advisers of tomorrow. We trust them: they know what works, guide innovative thought, and are not afraid to challenge when needed.”

Manita Ray,
CEO Ygap

Good strategy requires disciplined choice-making. We helped ygap’s leadership team and Board distil out their essential strategic choices and land a complex global strategy.


“An exceptional addition to any team developing strategic solutions to real world problems. Don’t think of them as consultants, think of them as strategic partners who also understand implementation.”

John Morrison PhD MEI,
Executive Director, Swinburne Innovation Precinct, Swinburne University of Technology

Our future must be created by teams that reflect our society. We’ve relished working with Swinburne to kickstart a range of initiatives promoting diversity, helping turbocharge their innovation programs.


“GoodWolf work with respect, integrity, and patience. They brought deep sector knowledge and expertise to FRRR’s strategic planning process, enabling leadership and Board to develop smart responses to the big, and at times hairy questions – the business model, purpose and allocation of resources, and sustainable growth.”

Natalie Egleton,
CEO Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR)

FRRR embraced GoodWolf’s ‘New Strategy’ approach. They worked alongside us in a collaborative, dynamic, iterative rhythm to create a 5 year plan for which the team, Board, and broader FRRR community feel a deep sense of ownership.


“GoodWolf’s incredible insight, and ability to weave together complex problems into cohesive and compelling strategy, is remarkable”

Natalie Elliott,
Chair, 16th Street Foundation

Implementation planning feels manageable when strategic focus is sharp. Our work with the 16th Street Foundation Board helped them navigate through a world of possibilities to nail a crystalline strategy, and develop a lean and effective execution plan for putting their purpose into practice.


RAM Group knew we wanted to start giving in a real way but didn’t know where to start. We quickly found GoodWolf was our answer. Their wealth of knowledge of the philanthropic sector was applied in a well-structured and consultative approach with our staff resulting in a giving program we can’t wait to launch

RAM Group

Stepping into the CSR and philanthropy space for the first time can be bewildering, but RAM Group had the most important ingredients in place to get started – a committed executive, an enthusiastic staff committee and a genuine interest in making a difference


“The establishment of a working group and your leadership of this group created a new ‘team’, and with this, ownership of outcomes and pride in the work done by all.”

Leonie Boxtel,
Director, Alumni & Philanthropy RMIT University

A largely untapped opportunity exists for large organisations to harness their capital, people, and structures to develop innovative options for revenue generation. During a 12 week review with us, RMIT took great strides in creating cross-university alignment around a sophisticated approach to philanthropy.


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as attributed to the Cherokee People

“Inside every person,” the old man says, “lives a bad wolf and a good wolf. They are locked in an eternal struggle, each trying to dominate the other: one is bad, driven by ego, anger, greed, jealousy; the other is good, driven by humility, kindness, compassion and community.”

“Everyone must learn how to harness their respective power and find a balance between them or be condemned to life without peace and without purpose.”

“And in the end, granddad,”
asks the little boy,
“which wolf wins?”

His grandfather looks up from the fire and replies;


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