'We live in a society first, and an economy second'

The recent experience of the pandemic has upended our world. It has fundamentally altered our expectations of each other and the organisations that have comprised our traditional ‘economy’. We now face social and economic challenges of immense scale, not to mention unprecedented levels of government debt, and business-as-usual has been denounced in support of #buildbackbetter.

While our appreciation for frontline social agencies and charities has grown, sustainability remains a key issue as they explore ways to scale to meet unprecedented demand; similarly, progressive family businesses and corporations are deepening their sense of purpose to create value that is both shared beyond the singular interest of shareholders and kinder to our climate and community. Philanthropy is responding, as ever, to the challenge to place its scarce social capital to the best alternative use, while traditional sources of investment capital are also starting on the journey towards impact. Partnerships and collaborations with government and their agencies abound.

This is the dawn of the ‘impact economy’

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