Our Clients

GoodWolf is proud to be working with a wide range of for-purpose organisations and foundations across Australia.

It is people and communities that are at the heart of all we do, and our clients share our vision when it comes to a fairer and more inclusive society.

Partnering with our clients to ensure that their guiding principles, planning and practices are more effective, sustainable and equitable is what excites us.

Here's a sample of the work we've done to design and align strategy, governance, structures and resources for greater social impact.

Bayley House

In this crucial 5-year planning process run throughout CV19 lockdown, GoodWolf built a coalition of support within Bayley House and across the key stakeholder groups to design, frame and set the 5-year plan. Implementation risk has been greatly reduced by the engagement, understanding and buy-in across the organisation.

“GoodWolf led the process for our current 5-year Strategic Plan. Accomplished in the midst of COVID lockdowns the challenge was immense but with skill, stakeholder engagement and a good measure of humour, GoodWolf managed bring out the best in our very diverse team in a way which ultimately resulted in a truly strategic and innovative plan for growth. We further engaged GoodWolf to assist us translate this vision into a suite of operational plans which continue to underpin all that we do. What I loved about GoodWolf’s engagement was the capacity to translate the most complex of issues into reality and to ensure that all ideas were considered respectfully whilst, equally, our own assumptions were gently but persistently questioned. Quality work!”

Warwick Cavanagh
CEO, Bayley House

Community Foundations Australia

Creating a strategic planning framework for peak organisations, like Community Foundations Australia who have a mix of internal and external stakeholders, and a range of services through to sector advocacy, was critical to help assign focus and resources over the next five years in support of community-based philanthropy.

“GoodWolf planned and lead an engaging and structured strategic planning session for our Board, and then helped mould the plan and positioning for ACP’s future. The clarity of thought and breadth of sector knowledge GoodWolf brought to this assignment helped enormously to define our future role as sector lead”

Gerlinde Scholz
Executive Director, Australian Community Philanthropy

Inner North Foundation

“GoodWolf has facilitated strategic board conversations that has re-energized how we articulate impact, how we understand key relationships, and how this ultimately leads to growth and sustainability. The team has the skills – both technical and interpersonal – to get the job done.”

Ben Rodgers
Executive Office, Inner North Foundation

Menzies Foundation

“The Menzies Foundation is focused on developing a catalytic platform to address leadership challenges and support a leadership movement which encourages Australians to reflect on leadership, build their leadership capability and contribute to the ‘greater good’. Building multi-sector collaborative incubators to support our initiatives is challenging work, most particularly in clarifying Theories of Change, strategic imperatives and the collaborative models which support innovation.

GoodWolf have and will continue to be an indispensable partner in our work – knowledgeable, rigorous and focused on results, the partnership is making an important and significant contribution to the sector.”

Liz Gillies
CEO, Menzies Foundation

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