How We Work

Purposeful Partnerships

We offer deep experience across the social value chain, and from the relevant aspects of the for-profit, not-for-profit and charitable sectors. The following four principals typically guide each engagement towards actionable and practical solutions for impact:

Enquire – We start off asking open and bold questions. We want to get to the crux of the problem you are trying to solve first, while getting to know who and what is involved in the quest for change, and what stands in the way. This allows us to foster confidence and openness, and to challenge assumptions. In asking the important questions and listening carefully, we apply the power of both intuitive and deductive thinking to direct our further work, and the lines of enquiry we propose to follow.

Empower – Any change needs to come from within. Starting with this principle in mind, we identify the important relationships and stakeholders in the organisation to work with us and to become agents of the change ahead. We set up set up steering and working groups to oversee, co-design and champion solutions, and to work with us to align communication and engagement across the organisation.

Resource – We draw in and align all the key resources within the organisation to be employed for impact; budgets, balance sheets, networks, philanthropy and partnerships are all part of the solution. We will also bring in specialists, as required, or work with identified talent in your organisation as part of the project team.

Act – The way forward is always based on clear objectives and the capacity and collective will of the organisation to act. We partner with you to implement the plan as much as is required.