About Us

There has never been a more important time to reimagine the possibilities to make a difference, to leave the world a better place, to leave a legacy.

GoodWolf brings the sharpest minds, deepest experience and strongest values around the table to help you forward in your quest.

Our Team

Simon Lewis - Partner

Finance whizz, philanthropy and foundations expert, mountaineer, Rhodes Scholar, jazz pianist – Simon is a strategy and finance guy with heart.

My clients are feeding their good wolves. They seek out my experience combining innovative models of ownership, control, and capital to help them create commercial and social value. That they often ask me back comes down to my zeal for GoodWolf’s values and our framework-free approach: we invest in really listening, asking the right questions, and designing answers in genuine partnership.

I focus on four pillars – strong Boards, sharp strategy, motivated teams, and fit-for-purpose financial architecture – and lining them up true.

I draw on an international career in finance, corporate mergers and acquisitions, strategy consulting, philanthropy, and family office services; most recently I was an executive at the Myer Family Company. I am an experienced Director, currently serving as Reichstein Foundation Board Trustee, Director of PARK Social Soccer Company, and Chair of the Australian International Donors Network, which encourages more and better philanthropy and impact investing abroad.


  • Senior Executive MBA (Melbourne Business School)
  • MA Politics, Philosophy, Economics (Oxford University; Zimbabwe Rhodes Scholar)
  • BBusSci Actuarial (Cape Town University)

GoodWolf Collaborators

Impact Investing Lead

Name: Mark Ingram
Organisation: Chief Impact Officer, Brightlight
GoodWolf Projects: Journey To Impact Seminars & Toolkit
Website: https://www.brightlightimpact.com

Mark is passionate about tackling entrenched social and environmental challenges through market driven solutions. Having successfully built Business for Development (www.businessfordevelopment.org) focused on the promotion and implementation of inclusive business ventures), he is now committed to catalysing inclusive finance to achieve SDG-aligned impact outcomes through his role as Chief Impact Officer at Brightlight. Mark is collaborating with GoodWolf Partners to engage the larger Trusts & Foundations sector across Australia and New Zealand in a compelling mission to bring their invested capital on the journey towards more sustainable, responsible and impactful investment strategies that better align with their mission.

Innovation Lead

Name: Rachel Audigé
Organisation: SIT Australia
GoodWolf Projects: ONJCRI Strategic Review
Website: https://rachelaudige.com/

Rachel is an engaging facilitator, speaker, mentor and trainer in Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) and Strategic Marketing. Rachel runs the Australian arm of SIT and her 20+ years in international marketing and her 12 years in driving innovation in a large Corporate have made her a no-nonsense and value-focused advisor who is passionate about results but also cares about the enjoyment and the enrichment of the paths taken to reach them. Rachel is a guest lecturer on the award-winning Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation program at UTS. She is a valued mentor on CSIRO’s innovation programs and offers her time each year for student-led medical conferences. She is the also the author of the recent publication ‘UNBLINKERED’ that seeks to help address biases that impede creative thinking.

Legal Lead

Name: Seak-King Huang
Organisation: Prolegis Lawyers
GoodWolf Projects: BetterEvaluation, RMIT Philanthropy Fund, Beulah Foundation
Website: https://www.prolegis.com.au/team.php

With just over 30 years’ experience as a lawyer in both private practice and as former General Counsel & Company Secretary of Australia’s largest international NGO, Seak-King leads a team at Prolegis Lawyers which offers exceptional and customised legal support around the legal, tax, structuring and regulatory questions that predominate in the ‘for purpose’ sector, a mission for which Prolegis was established and is perfectly suited. Their blended knowledge and advice traverse the commercial and strategic imperatives of structures for social enterprises and impact investing, and NFPs seeking viability and sustainability for their charitable objectives and the missions of Foundations and philanthropists. Hence, Seak-King and her team are ideally positioned to help GoodWolf clients navigate legal questions, and ensure their understanding of optimal structures and, governance and compliance practices are up-to-date with regulation and reforms across the sector.

Recruitment Lead

Name: Michelle Varco
Organisation: Gembridge
GoodWolf Projects: Bowness Foundation, Bayley House, Beulah Foundation
Website: https://www.gembridge.com.au/our-team

Michelle has 20+ year of experience in Executive Search, Recruitment & HR, and directed her career into the ‘for purpose’ sector in 2008. She has successfully recruited CEO’s and Senior Leadership roles in Fundraising, Philanthropy, Marketing, Communications, Finance, HR and Operations. Previously, she led recruitment assignments across the Commercial, Health, Financial Services, Sales & Marketing sectors. Michelle brings recruitment expertise, plus insights in fundraising and philanthropy, having managed capital and major gift programs from feasibility and strategy through to implementation and ‘the ask’ to confirm transformational gifts. Michelle is a Director, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria Foundation, Trustee of Monash Gallery of Art (MGA) and proud member of Melbourne Women’s Fund. Michelle Varcoe, together with Jenni D’Orival and Callum Paterson at Gembridge add tailored recruitment services, plus insights, know-how, and networks across the ‘for purpose’ sector.